Custom Duty

Custom Duty

Custom Duty

What is custom duty and why do we have to pay Custom Duty charges?+

Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another, it is subject to these charges by the importing country's rules and regulations.

Charges such as Custom or Import Duties, VAT, Local Sales Tax, Clearance charges are not in our or any seller's control and are determined by the respective local government bodies.

I have paid the shipping charges then why am I being asked to pay more?+

Shipping cost refers to the cost of shipping an item from the origin to the destination country and the same needs to be paid to the Courier partners.

Custom Duty is something that is over and above the Shipping Cost. Custom Duty charges are tax levied on import of goods by the Customs authorities of the respective Country.

Every time when an item crosses an international border from one country to another it is subject to these charges by the importing country rules and regulations. The charges may vary according to the rules of different countries depending on the item, item value, quantity, end-use, materials or methods used to make the item and is solely at the discretion of the duty officer.

Can I opt for Combined Shipment to avoid custom duty charges?+

Yes, you can opt for combined shipment and the same is advisable as well from Custom Duty / VAT implication perspective. However, it might not avoid the complete Custom Duty impact but may result in a reduction of the impact. We do recommend combined shipment for all the Custom Duty impacted countries.

In case you wish to opt for Combined Shipment, post placing an order kindly get back to us, we suggest you the needful.

Alternatively, in case, you have already placed an order and you wish to opt for the same, please touch base with our Customer Care team and we shall be more than happy to assist you in the best possible manner.

Can you send the item with a lower invoice or declare it as a Gift?+

We are sorry but we pride ourselves in being compliant as per the prevalent government guidelines. Hence it will not be possible for us to lower the amount in the invoice or declare the parcel as a gift.

Will I be able to get an invoice for customs clearance purpose?+

Yes, we do ship a copy of the invoice along with the parcel. In case you require an additional copy, we can always email it to you.